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173 W Lorain St, Oberlin, OH 44074
(440) 775-8121

Oberlin Club of San Francisco Bay Area: July Book Group Virtual Meeting

Join the SF Bay Area Oberlin Book Group on Monday, July 18, at 7:30 p.m. PT (10:30 p.m. ET) for a virtual discussion of “Migrations” by Charlotte McConaghy, hosted by Mike Bank ’54 & Adrianne Fine Bank ’54.

Oberlin Club of San Francisco Bay Area: July Book Group Virtual Meeting

Book Discussion: "Migrations"

- by Charlotte McConaghy


HOSTED BY: Mike Bank ’54 & Adrianne Fine Bank ’54

WHEN: Monday, July 18, 7:30 p.m. PT
The program will start at 7:30 p.m., but attendees are welcome and encouraged to log on early and chat with fellow Obies.

This virtual meeting gives all residents a chance to participate from home. We look forward to gathering with you!

FEATURING: "Migrations"
Excerpts from New York Times Review:
“Migrations,” the Australian young-adult writer Charlotte McConaghy’s first voyage into the warming waters of literary eco-fiction, is a visceral and haunting novel that opens with the lines “The animals are dying. Soon we will be alone here.”

… We meet Franny Stone, a detached and mysteriously damaged woman who has traveled to Greenland to electronically tag what might be the last remaining colony of arctic terns before they embark upon the “longest natural migration of any living creature,” a pole-to-pole quest that will eventually land them in Antarctica.

… this novel’s prose soars with its transporting descriptions of the planet’s landscapes and their dwindling inhabitants, and contains many wonderful meditations on our responsibilities to our earthly housemates. “What happens when the last of the terns die?” Franny muses. “Nothing will ever be as brave again.”

… “Migrations” is a nervy and well-crafted novel, one that lingers long after its voyage is over. It’s a story about our mingling sorrows, both personal and global, and the survivor’s guilt that will be left in their wake.

— Michael Christie, The New York Times, Aug. 4, 2020

To join the conversation and receive the Zoom link, you MUST register in advance. Once registered, keep an eye on your email for registration confirmation and event link.


Oberlin Club of San Francisco Bay Area: July Book Group Virtual Meeting

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